Dismantling the “Standard Language” ideology

Throughout Vershawn Ashanti Young’s writing piece “ Should Writers Use They Own English” I’ve come to the realization that academic, colloquial, and any other type of writing is socially constructed. It’s the same way that money is socially constructed, money only contains value because society as a whole agrees it does. Now it’s the same exact idea for writing, there is only a “Dominant Language” because we have allowed society to form that perception whether it was done knowingly or unconsciously. Now, if everyone were to accept different types of dialects instead of looking down on them, then there wouldn’t be a “standard language” ideology. As young said, we all should be open-minded to different dialects and try to learn as many as we can. Learning new dialects would benefit us in the long run because we’re strengthening our communication skills and expanding our vocabulary. By strengthening our communication skills and expanding our vocabulary, we are able to interact with more diverse groups of people which is always good.

Besides trying to learn/accept the different types of dialects, society as a whole needs to make it clear that there is no true dominant language. Now how would we change the minds of the entire society? Well, why not start with targeting all educational institutions. We need to teach, or in other words, DISMANTLE the idea that there is one “Dominant Language”. We need to push the idea that all dialects are acceptable into the schools that educate the younger generation. It’s all going to start with educators taking action due to the simple fact that they help perceive the allusion that there is one true “ Standard English”. Many educators may not know they push that allusion but now we’ve been enlightened and can progress. I truly KNOW that reforming education is going to be the stepping stone to dismantling the idea that there is one set of dominant language rules.